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The stiff market competition in all fields of business types needs an all-around market approach that can ultimately give you the edge on the competition. A Corporate Website is an important side of the business. A Corporate website is not just another website, but it serves as your company image in the world wide web, a virtual market of hundread of million customers. Ignoring this important segment of the world market is like a shot in the leg for today business environment.


Corporate websites with good looking men and women in stock photography, the happy customer testimonials, the handsom pictures of executive staff, the donations that your company made for a diaster relief cause, the positive charming press release, this is not what the customer looks for when visiting your website. Content is king. In case of targeted marketing, 80% of the customers first look for a specific information, and are not willing to spend time in reading testimonials, press releases, looking at pictures, etc. For most of the hardworking people out there, time is scarce, and what they need are facts. They are interested in products and services, portfolio and prices. The Holly Trinity of online businesses. A corporate website needs to focus on that.


An exception exists. Quotations from authority websites ( for example,,, etc ) are gold. But, there is a but. A charming customer testimonial from that can be found only on your website and not on the source site, in this case, will raise eyebrows. People do not trust websites anymore, unless they have a long history of positive media reviews.

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5. Well-laid content structure
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9. Easy website administration
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17. Various forms for inquiries, partnership
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19. Timely delivery
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21. Post-delivery development

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