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New relaunch for our development / marketing website

by Stefan Preda
Stefan Preda
CEO at
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And finally here it is! Our new layout just got launched! More simple, more easy to navigate and of course with a lot more information regarding what we do here! It was quite a long and painful process, since we have never got the time to focus only on it properly. As the proverb says, the shoe-maker always goes barefoot. With so many clients and projects we are involved in, often time is a scarce commodity. From now on, we will add more and more information regarding our products and services, both on the website and on our blog, completed with tips and tricks that can be used in website development and website marketing. google-secrets-tips-and-tricks is our interface for our web-development and marketing solutions. We try to maintain accurate and detailed information about our services, that range from web-design, web-development services, to online marketing services that include search engine optimization (seo), search engine marketing (sem), social media marketing (smm), or pay per click (ppc).

Many of our clients already benefit of our web-hosting services, but our interface is not yet ready to be launched, so this service, although available, is set-up manually per request. Don't let this fool you, our web-hosting is offered in collaboration with one of the biggest hosting companies around here, if not the biggest,, and it offers top notch services and 24/7 5 stars quality support, 365 ( or some may say 366 ) days around the year. You can test that even on New Years Eve nights, we just don't like to disappoint our clients! We will dedicate a special article to our web-hosting service another time. If you are sick of calling your actual hosting provider and waiting for an answer, or you are tired of support teams that work only 5 days a week, or you had enough of their incompetence, you are in the right place. The support service solves the problems in terms of minutes 99.99% of the time, also delivering detailed explanations and advices. The web-hosting accounts give you full control over your websites from one interface, where you can set up and change every little thing related to your domains. Also, they support every Content Management System, like Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, etc, every shopping cart, like Magento, Prestashop, osCommerce, etc, without any additional charges ( to our surprise, we met hosting services that ask for additional fees for CMS or shopping cart server support ). In two words, TOTAL PROFESSIONALS!


Online World Market
Due to the boom of world wide online market and the overall increase of online customers around the world, websites have became essential for any business. There are many reasons why a website is crucial. You can sell your services online. You can increase your brand awareness. Your potential customers know where to find you. Your services can have detailed descriptions and features. You want to be a part of the online multi billions market. You want to save on marketing costs like TV ads, or billboard ads, etc, and still get your share of profits. You can enhance your customer support. You want to protect your local customer share. You want to be competitive. You want to have targeted customers. In one phrase, you want to sell online! There are many other reasons, we promise to deal with them in a future article.

Project Manager
As a step towards our customers, we introduced a new feature for our website. A project manager. Each project has it's own dashboard, with milestones, tasks, files, events, topics and user management. If you are a client that has difficulties in getting online due to any reason, you can use that to leave us feedback, send us new files, images, articles, etc, or just discuss any issues that accompany a project development. The project manager can be used both for website development/web-design, and for online marketing, in all its regards: link submissions, social marketing, video projects, etc. If you just want to contact us, you can use both our Contact link and the Feedback link on the right side of the website, that appears on each and every page of it beside the first contact form.

Attention To Details
And there is more. Each service is detailed as much as possible, and for each and every side of our business we offer a free site review plus 1 hour of free consultations. Our prices are flexible, and are directly proportional with your requirements. The price/quality ration is in every aspect a positive reflexion over our customer relationships and our customer consideration.

Passed Professional Tests
To emphasize our services quality, we took a number of tests on various web-development websites like, or, passing them with excellent results. Some of the test we took and passed: CorelDraw Test, Excel Test, Adobe Photoshop Test, Search Engine Optimization Test, Google AdWords Test, Wordpress Test, Joomla Test, Advertising Skills Certification Test or U.S. English test. If you need any other test passed as a project requirement, please contact us and it will be our pleasure to take it and pass it. Since tests are quite long and numerous ( virtually you can test anything related to web-development ), we just took some of the most important ones to prove our qualifications to our customers.

Real Testimonials!
Also, you can find testimonials of us on the respective websites, or you can even contact our former partners to ask about our commitment and qualifications. Here are some testimonials about us from


Since you can find the feedback on third party huge development authority websites that we do not control, you have all the assurances needed that the testimonials are true and reflect the reality, and not fake testimonials created by us to put us in a good light. The feedback on these websites is based on the money payed by the contractor, and cannot be posted unless the payment is already sent through the respective third party website. Also, higher fee contracts have a higher weight then lower fee contracts.

The best way to convince yourself of the quality of our work is to work with us. Since the payment is made on delivery, if you are not satisfied by our services, you can either cancel the project or ask for improvements till the requirements established at the beginning of the contract are met.

And we stop here, hopefully after putting some light about what we do and how we do things here. We are looking forward to meet you, cheers!

SOPadvert Team

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New relaunch for our development / marketing website

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